winterabc:introduction and commitment pledge

WinterABC: Introduction and Commitment Pledge

Hello fellow African bloggers from all corners of the world! Welcome to WinterABC: Introduction and commitment Pledge, this is day one.

My name is Gamuchirai Manyere of Simply-gyg blog, which I launched two weeks ago. A blog that is for the over-thinkers, the introverts, and for anyone else who’s ever felt like they don’t quite fit in. It’s about honest, real-life issues. I am just in time to be part of the 22 days of #winterabc 2020.

What Is WinterABC?

If you were curious about  what I am going on about, let me clarify. Winter ABC is a blogging challenge that African bloggers from all corners of the world take part in during the month of June every year. The purpose of the challenge us bloggers to create a network hub with other fellow bloggers, drive traffic to our blogs whilst challenging how consistent we are in blogging.

This is  my first time doing the challenge and I am looking forward to getting to know all fellow africans who are going to taking part in the challenge.Let’s us learn from each other and continue to thrive in our respective blog niches.

I, Gamuchirai Manyere pledge to write and read all other blogs and comment on them during the 22 days of the blogging challenge.

The challenge is going to test my consistency and writing style.It’s going to push my boundaries but I am looking forward to everything that comes my way. 

I write from an Introvert blogger point of view, and during this challenge I hope to find my tribe, the over-thinkers and the perennially anxious and continue to build my confidence because of it. Making life a little bit less awkward, one blog post at a time. It’s the anxious girl’s guide to… well, everything, really. 

Until tomorrow..

Let’s Blog!

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