bloggers in my country

Bloggers In My Country

Hi everybody

Now I would like to present briefly my country to you with 5 bloggers from Zimbabwe (myself being the 5th). Below I will do a brief introduction of 4 bloggers. From personal adventures, food, travel fictional stories and personal diaries, we have them all.

Some of the following bloggers I know personally and some I have met through #winterblogging2020, so shout out to you @Afrobloggers!

Rudo Manyere – Basic Girl Blog

The fierce girl is a creative writer, full of passion with a dream to bring Zimbabwean creativity to the big screen. Tone of voice on her blog is exceptional. If only everything was written this way. It’s friendly, clear, easy to read and inspiring. Aside from blogging, she also writes for 263 online magazine.

Nobuhle N Nyoni – Becoming Ubu

A blog that unapologetically tackles on issues that other people deem sensitive and are afraid to talk about. She teaches us to be ourselves and that we are enough. I love her Becoming sessions were she will have guest speaker every week. Oh and the girl is a published author.

Ameera Murad Ameer – Kicking It With Mimi

I stumbled upon this blog by accident and became a fan. Living vicariously through her personal adventures and exciting lifestyle trends. I get to see the beauty that is Zimbabwe and Africa through her blog.

Fiso’s Kitchen

Fiso is a Zimbabwean food blogger. I learnt how to make Sweet Buns  (Zim mabhanzi) from following her recipe. Based in the UK she often recreates recipes for food that we all used to love growing up like candy cake. Her blog feels like you are conversing with a friend.

Bloggers in my country are talented, bold and not afraid to speak their minds.

Do visit their sites and I hope you enjoy their world as much as I have.

Until Tomorrow.

gigi m

gigi m

Introvert Blogger

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