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And Then It Rained

By Gamu Manyere, Fiona Natukunda & Rogers Wanambwa

And then it rained is our third collaboration together but before we dive in, you can visit Fiona’s world from here and Rogers from here.

 Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. ~

John Updike

Don’t you just love the smell of rain? It smells fresh and clean. It smells like change, relief and restoration. My rain is the kind that cleanses and makes things fresh. The kind that takes you out of a bad place….

We all know that life can be downright difficult at times. It can box you in and beat you down, holding no bars. While no one ever said that life would be easy, many of us were often ill-prepared for just how hard things could get. When we suffered through repeated failures and setbacks, getting through the tough times in life seemed like a fairytale fantasy.

I won’t insult you by claiming to know what you’re going through because when you’re wading through the seas of hopelessness, that’s the last thing you want to hear. What I will say to you is the knowledge from my personal experiences. I’ll tell you how I made it through the tough times in my life, hopefully shedding some light on the subject and offering up a sliver of hope.

I embraced what I was going through, that was the only way I could get through it. Took some time and visualized the bigger picture. Breathed in the chilly, fresh air, and felt my body relax.

And then it rained….

With that, every hurt, frustration, negativity was then washed away.

What is evident is that whenever it rains, it never leaves things the same. “Oh, really?” You may ask. Let’s explain:

Whenever it rains, plants grow in plenty, streams and rivers fill up and their waters flow into the lakes, seas, and oceans, consequently bringing us drinkable and usable water, food to eat, and also cooling.

When “it rains” cash in your life, everything changes. You are in a generally better mood, can go out, can invest, build, buy, pay off debtors, and so on.

But that is not all as love also changes your life when it rains into your life. It brings happiness, fulfillment, joy, and is it not the greatest feeling to be in love? All in favour of it raining love say aye! 😊💜

It is funny how we become worried about anything and everything yet worrying never changes a thing. Even the Bible says it well:

 “Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Matthew 6:27, New International Version

Sometimes you just cannot believe how blessed you are until it rains in your life.

When our dad died over a decade ago, our life was at a standstill for several years, every day being a grey cloudy one without much as a ray of sunshine. We became the forgotten ones for such a long time that when it finally rained on us, none could believe we were the ones that had come this far.

But God is great like that. He makes it rain.

And then it rained…

With that, our whole lives changed, our future became that more brighter.

 With every first drop of rain comes the hope that there will be sprouting and a budding ahead of the much-anticipated harvest.

It doesn’t matter how long the wait is, we can always count on rain to soften the grounds that were once untillable.

The malnourished grass comes alive again as the flowers bloom to their full splendor.

I don’t mind getting wet over and over again for I know there is the newness of life in all the downpour.

For every receding drop is a reminder of the blessing I get to experience in the season for my increase.

As my life is reborn with new strength to run my race with sheer grace and confidence.

And then it rained…

As I battled the dry and unyielding trenches of life while waiting for a sign saying, “it is not over.

Just as the rain brings a clean scent and new life, what was your And it rained experience?Did you see any beauty in the sadness? 

Leave a comment below.We always love to here from you.

Until Next Time…..

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  1. Anonymous

    My father fell ill and convulsed on the floor. He woke up in hospital and realized he couldn’t afford the bills. We had to tell him not to worry, we would fix it. (I was a student) But somehow the money came together with help from friends. The day we got out of hospital, we walked out hand in hand. He was wearing his lousy home shorts and a button down short sleeved shirt. We had paid the bills and were free. He looked at the sun and said, “I hadn’t been outside for so long.” We had not thought that he would ever get out. That was the most beautiful sunlight I ever saw. I guess, “And then it shone…”

  2. Lorraine Dzeka

    What a beautiful work this is. And yes I love love love the rain. In fact growing up, the rainy season was my favourite time because then i would sit and play with my sisters in the house. Thankyou for such powerful and uplifting words

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