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African Content Creators

Today is Day 8 and we will be sharing about the mistakes we wish African content creators could avoid.

Creating content blog articles, content youtube videos, etc, can be a challenge. I am sure even the most great writers struggle sometimes and make mistakes in their blog posts and other types of content. As content creator, your goal is to nail it every time.

We have seen a rise in African content creators ( I am loving it by the way)✊🏾.

Below are some of the many mistakes we need to avoid as African content creators.

Not Promoting our content

To be seen and have our work discovered we have to post our content on social media.  Share your latest work with your mastermind group, your friends and your mom.

Make an effort to get the word out about what you’re doing. Because unless you’re an SEO (search engine optimisation) genius or hire one, the likelihood of someone stumbling across your content is pretty low.

Start posting on multiple social media platforms to the get the word out.Pinterest is another great tool to use, It may look like another fluffy, feel-good website full of boards but beneath its soft exterior lies the makings of a powerful content curation machine.

Focusing on ourselves and Not knowing our audience

Creating content for our audience can be likened to beginning a relationship. If we start out talking only about ourselves, we probably won’t get very far. We need to take the time to learn about the other person. What are they looking for? What are their needs?

An example, when writing let’s  say about childhood trauma, first we need to

  •  Identify who our audience target is and
  • Create content that will resonate with them.

If it’s not done that way, the content won’t get read, or shared, and nobody will even care. That’s not a place to be.

Avoid Not Having an about page

Readers need to know who they are getting their tips and information from and they look for the all important page. It is essential for connecting with your readers and establishing your trustworthiness.

I believe every reader goes on a blog with sets of questions they want answered, challenges, or issues that they want solved.

So, we need to remember that the page is not only about us. Of course ,we  want to introduce yourselves and tell our story, but the purpose of the blog is also for trying to help our readers.

We should avoid neglecting that fact.

These are some of the fundamental  I believe you must avoid if you are to continue embark on this wonderful, long journey of being a content creator.

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