the final goodbye

The Final Goodbye

Today is day 18 of  the WinterABC blogging challenge. We are sharing a creative story with the line: By the time he woke up,I was dying. The final goodbye.

All I wanted to do was sit and stare at him all day. I watched him sleep but by  the time he woke up, I was dying from a broken heart. This was the final goodbye. I tried to comprehend the thought of leaving without my little boy, but could just not picture it. The year was 1490 and I was being disowned by my family because “I had brought shame upon my family after giving birth to a baby  out of wedlock when I was seventeen”. I was being forced to give the baby up for adoption and then exiled to a foreign land. 


 I begged my father to allow me to hold the child just once, but he said that I had disgraced the family. He took the child away to a new family, so that the shame would not become known. As I watched my father hurryingly leave the room with my precious boy, my heart broke into a million pieces. My mother tried to comfort me but the pain was just too much. It felt like I was being ripped apart, that is when I reached for the scissors and drove it into my abdomen.

My mother started screaming for help as soon as she felt the warmness of my blood against her hand.Meanwhile, I started slowly fading into the unknown, the pain had stopped. I thought about how I would never get to see the twinkle in my son’s eye develop. How I had been robbed of being a mother and saw no reason to continue living. This was the final goodbye.

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